Land of the Rising Sun (Part 2)

The hightlights of Japan

Shopping: My favourite place in the world to shop! Whether i'm in Tokyo in giant department stores splurging on Anna Sui or buying traditional ornaments from the street stalls of Takayama, my inner shopaholic is eternally satisfied.

Food: Sweet baby jesus nobody knows how to eat like the Japanese. Udon, tempura soba, sashimi or katsudon with melon soda, calpis or oolong tea followed by a strawberries & cream crepe, parfait, coffee jelly starbucks frappuccino or even a real gold covered cake.

Places: The obvious- Harajuku, Shibuya, Tokyo Disneyland, Miyajima Island and Kinkaku-ji. The not so obvious- Kyoto train station for its great shopping, Kanazawa fish markets for sea urchin, fresh salmon and fresh flowers and Kanazawa Ninjadera (ninja temple).

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