Online shopping is dangerous

The sign is pretty self explanatory... here are just a few things on my wishlist that are relatively realistic price wise. :) Sweet little "Flower Girl" Earrings from Adore Vintage
They're also clip on which is convenient seeing as i'm too much of a lazy ass to go and get my ears pierced.

Adorable vintage rose print skirt from MoonShineVintage via Etsy.
I've spent a good portion of my life trapped in an Etsy browsing cycle.

COOL BEANS "kitty kat" lamp from FredFlare
It burns my soul that they don't deliver overseas!

"Rosario" gold ballerina flats from Pretty Ballerinas
Finding a good quality pair of gold flats is A LOT harder than it sounds! Blerg.

Vintage "Petal" Blouse from Allencompanyinc via Etsy

Vintage Frye boots Allenscompanyinc via Etsy
...they remind me of ice skating boots hehe


A State of Emergency
Here on the Gold Coast (i've provided a link for 99.9% of people who have no idea what / where i'm talking about) it has been announced that our 'city' is currently in a 'state of emergency' due to the heavy rainfall and strong winds. What ordinary people would classify as a windy winter weekend has been declared an emergency here in Australia. Anyway the point is that FINALLY it is cool enough for me to wear coats, jumpers, tights etc. Today was the perfect rainy day for a movie marathon, despite the fact that I resemble an oompa loompa and am having a hideous hair day.
[Today I wore: jumper - thrifted, shirt - Lisa Ho, Jeans - Wrangler, Bag - a misc. store in Japan]

is also taking advantage of the wet weather, spending long days indoors sleeping, eating and watching me watch t.v.



Seeing as I am kind of celebrity obsessed AND can't make decision to save my life (a true libran) I thought I'd start posting some of my celeb inspiration in a new segment I like to call
"You are my favourite person"
Okay... so maybe I didn't so much as come up with the name as I did find a conveniently titled sign that kinda sorta matched my new segment but anyhooo... exhibit one:
#1 Angelina Jolie
lkajklzjxoi!! Words cannot describe how much I am in love with her latest Cannes look! I am a long time, crazy big Angelina fan and although I miss the good old recently sexed, knife collecting, vampiric Angelina, she's currently blowing me away with her new found appreciation for glamour. Sure sure a fashion reformed Angie is old news now (thanks to a celebrity stylist and a year long binding contract with St. John) but i'm hoping this year she'll really step up her game. I thought she looked phenomenal and I especially loved the gigantic split up the side of the dress, reminiscent of the wild days.

Ah, who am i kidding i'd take a leather clad, brother kissing Ange over the newly constructed glamourpuss any day. She was exciting, crazy and completely unpredictable... what more could a celeb addict like myself ask for?



I spent today exploring Brisbane with Kristen, Pallen and my little brother Cahn. Visits to the GOMA, science museum, natural history museum and Buddha's birthday celebration = the best imitation tourist day ever. Today's snack of choice was Dip'n'Dots, which never fail to impress.

(Apologies for the scragglely hair_
[Today I wore: Lace top- thifted, Singlet- Kookai, Skirt- Gripp, Tights- Leona Edmiston, Shoes- Siren]


Mother, Mother.

Happy Mothers Day!
I know these have already been spread around the net a million times but I still adore these photos of Natalia Vodianova with her children!! she's amazing, my favourite model by far.

I also stumbled across Leona Edmiston's adorable childrens collection. Very cute, I love little kids in tights. :)

(P.s. Sorry for lack of posting, internet has been down but should be working in the next couple of days :))