Sydney Times!
Just came home from spending the weekend in Sydney to celebrate university holidays (5 week freedom = a very happy me) and coming home really made me realize just how much I hate living on the Gold Coast. Basically all I did in Sydney was shop and eat and smoke and sleep... so it was pretty fucking awesome haha.
I would probably sell my first born for this vintage feather dress from Grandma Takes Trip.
I did however buy these adorable earings from The Vintage Clothing Shop in the city <3.>



Art and Film
Spent today lunching and shopping (end of financial year sales are dangerous) and ended up passing through both the Regent Cinemas and the Queensland Art Gallery but didn't have enough time to enjoy either of them. 'American Impressionism and Realism' is the galleries current exhibition , all the pieces are lent out by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and I was supposed to be going with my art history class but decided that I would much rather explore the gallery independantly... however i'm a lazy sod with poor time management skills whos till hasn't gotten around to it. I'm also trying to get around to seeing Sunshine Cleaning (Amy Adams looove) at the Regent Cinema, the foyer and cinemas are AMAZING, going to the movies has never been so interesting. Anyway here are some not very interesting photos:

Regent Cineama (sorry the pictures aren't great, you're actually not allowed to take them)

Kris and I stopping by the gallery

Hopefully with uni holidays coming up i'll be able to cross these two things off my to do list :).



I forgot how fun going to the park can be. When I was young I used to spend entire days taking the dogs for a walk, playing in the park and riding my bike. Today Kris and I set out to buy eggs from the corner store but ended up spending the afternoon playing in the park with Teddy and eating junk food... small town fun.

[Today I wore: dress - Karen Walker, sunglasses - MNG, lace top - thrift, shoes - Rubi.]



Tonight extreme boredom lead to me cutting up an old top and making a D.I.Y. collar for myself.
The collar from this shirt... some of nanna's old broaches equals:

...well guess I'm off to eat some more ice cream and watch American Beauty.