Art and Film
Spent today lunching and shopping (end of financial year sales are dangerous) and ended up passing through both the Regent Cinemas and the Queensland Art Gallery but didn't have enough time to enjoy either of them. 'American Impressionism and Realism' is the galleries current exhibition , all the pieces are lent out by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and I was supposed to be going with my art history class but decided that I would much rather explore the gallery independantly... however i'm a lazy sod with poor time management skills whos till hasn't gotten around to it. I'm also trying to get around to seeing Sunshine Cleaning (Amy Adams looove) at the Regent Cinema, the foyer and cinemas are AMAZING, going to the movies has never been so interesting. Anyway here are some not very interesting photos:

Regent Cineama (sorry the pictures aren't great, you're actually not allowed to take them)

Kris and I stopping by the gallery

Hopefully with uni holidays coming up i'll be able to cross these two things off my to do list :).

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