The Ekka
Yesterday I went with Kris and her two younger siblings to the Brisbane Show, which in all honesty is probably my favourite part about living in (or near) Brisbane. Anything that involves skipping university to spend all day and all night being flung in the air by rides, playing with the animals and stuffing my face full of food is sure to be good. We went on the Crazy Coaster, Zipper, XXL swing & Ferris wheel; Pet the horses, llamas, cats, dogs, cows and geese; Ate German hot dogs, strawberry ice creams, toffy apples and real lemonade. I also got my face painted as a strange bunny rabbit, won a flashing ring on the clowns and smoked colored cigarettes all day. As usual here are some pictures from various parts of the day(if you look closely on the ride pictures you can see me purple legs flinging in the air besides Kristen's brother hehe)
(I wore: top - vintage, skirt - made, tights - Leona Edmiston, shoes - novo, jacket - vintage Ralph Lauren, nail polish - Anna Sui)


  1. holyshit that has got to be the weirdest facepaint job of a rabbit i have ever seen!!!

  2. I know I was like "wtf.. oh well.. facepaint is facepaint."