A Very Merry Un-Birthday
Last night Kris gave me the most AMAZING birthday present (actually my birthday isn't for another month.. but we're both pretty shit at keeping secrets so we figured we'd just hurry things along) It's an original 1930's cigarette case, complete with marbled sides and horse detailing! A very merry unbirthday to me!
In other news, it's only spring here and already the temp is reaching 30 degrees / 86 farenheit / so hot I could cry... I can already tell that my summers will be spent laying in the backyard drinking cocktails and playing with the pups Charlie and Nibbles.

...or possibly inside in the air conditioning watching 30 Rock...either way... the point is I won't be moving much this Summer.

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  1. wow i love your blog! i came here from blackcigarette. you are a total cutie pie!