I. Love. Japan.
You may have of heard of Bedrock through Sea of Shoes (I know I did) but if you haven't all you really need to know is that it is the most AMAZING store EVER. First of all they don't advertise, have a shop front or even have a sign. To get in you have to walk through a tiny cafe named The Forbidden Fruit Cafe, located in Omotosando Hills, and down a back set of stairs. It should be noted that the cafe itself is pretty cool, the offer some great juices. Anyway, once you get down to the boutique you immediately realize what all the hype is about. The interior is just amazing, whoever designed it is a genius. The clothes themselves are beautiful and their collection of vintage shoes are to die for. I think I could spend hours in there and not get bored. Below are a few pics I managed to snap, the quality is pretty poor because I wasn't sure if you were allowed to take photos or not. (A.K.A. I have a strong feeling you weren't... but no one directly told me not to... so I did.)

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