Harajuku (how I love you...)

Takeshita Dori
Kris and I are already pretty familiar with Harajuku so it was fun to be able to go back and explore a lot of the lesser known places and back streets. If you look a little harder you'll find great restraunts, vintage stores dedicated entirely to Vivienne Westwood, hilariously small apartments to rent, insanely stylish hair salons, tattoo parlours and more...
On the other hand it was also great to visit some of our old favourites like BodyLine, a store that specialises specifically in the whole Gothic Lolita look:
All the dresses are unbelievably well made and most are around $40AUD. Although I'm no goth, it's always fun to take something and make it your own. I bought a cute little floral dress and a pair of awesome pink Doc Marten-esk boots, which will probably be featured many times over the next few months.
In between shops we snacked on the old favourites, melon soda and crepe (kiwi fruit + cream + ice cream = heaven). If you haven't tried a Melon Soda you haven't lived! Haha no seriously, Melon Soda is my god. You should be able to find it in most Asian grocery stores.
While wandering the back streets we came across a really tiny, cute, funky salon and decided to make an appointment for a few days later. I was pretty inspired by the crazy Harajuku fashion and decided that I wanted to dye my hair bright blue. They tried, they really tried, but my black hair just wouldn't budge and eventually I ended up with a blue / blonde/ grey hybrid. I got over it pretty quickly and decided to rock it until I could go home and fix it.
Besides my hair failure the whole hair salon experience was HELLA AWESOME. The people there where unbelievably nice about everything and they had two bulldogs that roamed the store and sat on you while you had your hair done. I fell in LOVE with them, by the end of it I was ready to take one home with me. Also (like everywhere else in Japan) you can smoke! Smoking and getting your head massaged is a winning combination.

In the end Harajuku didn't disappoint. I think I could live there for a whole year and still be entertained by the crazy street style, shopping and overall atmosphere... have I mentioned that I LOVE JAPAN!?

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