A State of Emergency
Here on the Gold Coast (i've provided a link for 99.9% of people who have no idea what / where i'm talking about) it has been announced that our 'city' is currently in a 'state of emergency' due to the heavy rainfall and strong winds. What ordinary people would classify as a windy winter weekend has been declared an emergency here in Australia. Anyway the point is that FINALLY it is cool enough for me to wear coats, jumpers, tights etc. Today was the perfect rainy day for a movie marathon, despite the fact that I resemble an oompa loompa and am having a hideous hair day.
[Today I wore: jumper - thrifted, shirt - Lisa Ho, Jeans - Wrangler, Bag - a misc. store in Japan]

is also taking advantage of the wet weather, spending long days indoors sleeping, eating and watching me watch t.v.

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