Online shopping is dangerous

The sign is pretty self explanatory... here are just a few things on my wishlist that are relatively realistic price wise. :) Sweet little "Flower Girl" Earrings from Adore Vintage
They're also clip on which is convenient seeing as i'm too much of a lazy ass to go and get my ears pierced.

Adorable vintage rose print skirt from MoonShineVintage via Etsy.
I've spent a good portion of my life trapped in an Etsy browsing cycle.

COOL BEANS "kitty kat" lamp from FredFlare
It burns my soul that they don't deliver overseas!

"Rosario" gold ballerina flats from Pretty Ballerinas
Finding a good quality pair of gold flats is A LOT harder than it sounds! Blerg.

Vintage "Petal" Blouse from Allencompanyinc via Etsy

Vintage Frye boots Allenscompanyinc via Etsy
...they remind me of ice skating boots hehe

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