Seeing as I am kind of celebrity obsessed AND can't make decision to save my life (a true libran) I thought I'd start posting some of my celeb inspiration in a new segment I like to call
"You are my favourite person"
Okay... so maybe I didn't so much as come up with the name as I did find a conveniently titled sign that kinda sorta matched my new segment but anyhooo... exhibit one:
#1 Angelina Jolie
lkajklzjxoi!! Words cannot describe how much I am in love with her latest Cannes look! I am a long time, crazy big Angelina fan and although I miss the good old recently sexed, knife collecting, vampiric Angelina, she's currently blowing me away with her new found appreciation for glamour. Sure sure a fashion reformed Angie is old news now (thanks to a celebrity stylist and a year long binding contract with St. John) but i'm hoping this year she'll really step up her game. I thought she looked phenomenal and I especially loved the gigantic split up the side of the dress, reminiscent of the wild days.

Ah, who am i kidding i'd take a leather clad, brother kissing Ange over the newly constructed glamourpuss any day. She was exciting, crazy and completely unpredictable... what more could a celeb addict like myself ask for?

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